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Ready To Embrace Your Inner Money Queen?

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Welcome To Millennial Money Queens!

Your new fave spot for all money-related things.

I’m a millennial money expert and beach-loving, motivation-bff, inspiration-oracle and number-obsessed gal on a mission to change the money game for ladies worldwide.

I believe you hold the power to transform your life, no matter where you start. You are destined to live your happiest and wealthiest life and I want to help you create your dream life. That takes some cash, right? Finance with me is not boring or scary, it's fun and empowering! Shall we?

What Type Of

Money Queen Are You?

Take the quiz and get a personalized report on your money making potential, along with awesome tips on saving, managing money, investing and starting your perfect business!


Get Ready To Revolutionize Your Money Game!

I don't know about you, but I got really get up of the all the overly-complicated finance stuff out there. Life can be tricky enough, we don't need to overcomplicated something as important as money! 


This is where I share all the newest tips, tricks and secrets I learn to master money so it stops mastering you! Forget pinching pennies and stressing, from now on, your finances will be easy-peasy, fun and exciting!


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