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Fast Track Your Way To Freedom 

In this course was designed for you, the millennial searching for more freedom, more income and to finally create the life you have always envisioned for yourself. There is a proven path to get there, and in this course you will learn, step by step how to achieve the freedom, purpose and lifestyle you have always desired. You don't need to settle  anymore, you can actually start on the path to millennial freedom right now . 

1. What is Millennial freedom? 

Want to know why so many millennials are choosing to use their passions, talents and skills to create financial independence and ditch their 9-5?  

2. The path to becoming a Millennial Millionaire 

Sure, increasing your income is fantastic but there are so many more benefits including freedom over your time, working on something you are truly passionate about and creating real change in your life and the life of others. In this module we will dive into the benefits you can achieve by taking the path to becoming a millennial millionaire 

3. The Millennial Money Mindset 

One of the most overlooked tools to  success is your mindset. It's inevitable that we have to overcome obstacles, become creative and seek out opportunities do be successful. In this module you will learn how to actually do this and become the most empowered version of yourself 

4. Discovering your big idea

So, how do you find the big idea that will bring you the income, freedom and purpose you are looking for?


In this module, we will uncover where your values, passions, skills unite 

and uncover your next million dollar idea!

5. Secrets to finding your target market and dream customers 

Instead of hoping there are customers who really want in on your big idea, let's go find them! In this module we will break down where your dream customers are hanging out, how to get their attention, and who your competitors are so that you can model their success 

6. Choosing the right product

Not sure what product to sell? No problem! 

In this module, you will learn which products gave Millennial millionaires the most success, and how you can use them too. They are products  you can easily create, and scale, offer a great work-life balance, and only require your time and expertise. You will learn how to create assets that you can set up once and sell over and over again even if you don't have money to invest.

7. Product Creation

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8. Monetizing your big idea 

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9. FAQ

In this module, we will discuss some important questions that you may still have 

10. The Program

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