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and finally start living the life you've always dreamed of with freedom and abundance.

Picture This

Your alarm goes off and your first reaction is joyful excitement for the day ahead. You wake up whenever it feels right to you. You get up and ready at your own pace. You get to work feeling extremely good and grateful about what you will be spending your day on, because your work is  sharing your passion and expertise, on your own schedule. At the end of the month, you've created as much income in 1 month as you did in 1 whole year in that desk  job you could not stand.

This is not a pipe dream! This CAN be you. If you're feeling stuck in an unfulfilling and underpaying job, join the thousands of awesome people who have signed up for Monetize You Passion and stop dreading your life or trying to figure it out on your own, I'm here to walk you to your dream life!

Not long ago, I was in the depths of despair.

I had worked my butt off to build a career in finance and earn an investment management designation thinking it was my golden ticket to financial abundance.  


Except it backfired on me, I was miserable and I was't making the level of income I desired. You can get to know me and my story here.

When I started a family and went on maternity leave, it helped me realize what it was really like to own my day and how much time I gave away to my employer.


Most people thought I was crazy, after all I had a new born, so they didn't see how I was "owning my day"

But to me, not having to wake up and rush out the door to a job I felt underpaid and unfulfilled at was the most freeing experience. 

I decided then that things had to change. I needed to create independent income for myself and I needed to be engaged in my work, to find meaning in what I did daily.

That's when everything changed for me.

I combined my lifelong learning of finance, psychology and entrepreneurship with technology and created an easy breezy 5 step process to

monetize my passion!

I realized that everyone has something special to offer the world.

We all have something we are passionate about.


It can be specialized knowledge, a talent, a skill or even a solution to a problem we figured out. 

I also realized that most of us are having a really tough time with work and income.

Even though everyone has something incredible to offer, almost everyone has settled for a job they don't enjoy and aren't making the income they desire because they don't know how to use their passion to generate independent income!

Monetize Your Passion changes all this!


You know you want and deserve more from life, allow me to teach you this proven system so that you can find joy, freedom and high levels of income doing work you love! 

So, here we are. I decided to create a massive impact this decade, and I will contribute to making the 2020’s Humanity’s best decade ever!

I want to empower as many of us as I possibly can to create a life of love, independence, and stable, reliable income based on sharing your passion, the amazing experience, knowledge, skills, and talents you have, and to embrace freedom, wealth and a creation mindset as the new norm. Abundance for all. 

YES! I'm ready to Monetize My Passion!


Designed specifically for driven men & women who want to make more money, have meaning in their work and create unlimited freedom & income


Sharing what you're passionate about


to the level you desire and deserve


work whenever and wherever it feels right

What to Expect

1. Pre-recorded Video Modules

Instant access to the 5 modules that will prepare you for this epic transition.

1. What passion will your business be based on

2. Discovering and finding your tribe and customers

3. Awesome content creation tools to share your passion 

4. Creating your products and offers 

5. Scaling to 6-7 figures!

2. Transformational Worksheets

Every ​step you will learn is designed to help start changing from within. In order for anything to change in your life, it has to start inside your mind. So we've included mind-blowing worksheets to get your wheels turning and your mind expanding into you dream life. The transformation officially starts here!

3. Actionable step-by-step guides

To keep building on the momentum, we included clear and easy to follow step-by-step guides and checklists to help you stay crystal clear and laser focused. For your dream life to move from your mind and worksheets into the world, you need to take action, these guides make sure you smoothly reach all the steps without getting overwhelmed.

4. Passion Business Blueprint

You will be using the exact blueprint I used to create my business. I created a template for you so you can simply fill in the blanks an have your very own master blueprint. This is your business plan in a nutshell, it's also an awesome tool for you to explain to people what you do.

5. Private Facebook Group Access

Direct access to a supportive community of awesome people just like you, on this journey to independent income, freedom and fulfilling work. Gain insights from others' experiences, celebrate successes, ask any questions that may come up along the way and share amazing new knowledge and strategies.

Tried & True

I perfected this process over years of study, interviewing, researching and teaching amazing people to create massive wealth from their passion.

Let's be real, the unlimited life you desire with the freedom and level of income that suits you is just not happening with the traditional job system.


You know you want more but don't know how to do it, I was there too.


That's why I am giving you my proven 5 steps to Monetize Your Passion.


I'll give you the system so you can focus on being creative, loving your work and sharing your passion.

move from


Unfulfilled & Underpaid


Your Passion

bridges the gap for you

to creating

meaningful, profitable, independent income

Just knowing this information will NOT get you the results you want.


That's why we designed a process to lead you to take massive inspired action and transform your life.

Focus on your dream life and follow the steps. Before you know it, freedom & wealth  will be your new norm.

No one in this world, not your parents, your employer, the economy, the government, your spouse or the universe is holding you back from anything except yourself.


With the Monetize your passion program, you’ll finally become aware of what most people are totally unaware of - that life doesn’t “happen” to you, YOU are what happens to Life.


Even more than financial abundance, you’ll finally be able to live in the sustained joy, love, adventure and fulfillment that you came here to experience.

Success stories

From part- time fitness instructor to full-time Creator

Damian is a wellness and fitness expert. He struggled fitting in at school and in jobs, so he thought being a personal trainer would work well for him. Understanding how to optimize the body's performance came naturally to him. When he felt his potential strapped by working in gyms, he decided to go off on his own. Except it backfired! He'd have to travel all over the city to meet his clients, was having a hard time finding new customers and many times clients would drop off. He basically was working more and making less.


Until we connected. Damian enrolled in Monetize Your Passion and finally discovered the meaning of freedom, success and abundance. He created bootcamps, courses, masterminds, retreats and tons of other offerings. He was able to reach his perfect clients online and ended up selling his teaching program to a large gym chain to train their staff! He finally moved to working way less and receiving way more!

Get to know me and how I can help you

Hi! I'm Maria!

I’m so happy to connect with you! I am beyond excited for you to start this self mastery journey. I see your glow, and I see past all the limiting beliefs you may still hold about yourself. More than anything, I want you to discover your own power and create the life you’ve always dreamed of, that’s why I created this life changing course! I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge and empowering amazing people just like you to free yourself and create a life and business you love! 


This is more than just a course, it’s a personal transformation to the highest levels of financial and emotional wellbeing, it’s a lifestyle that inevitably leads to unlimited success, joy, peace, freedom and abundance. I’ve combined all my biggest insights, all the amazing keys I’ve learned from studying humanity’s most influential teachers from ancient to modern times, from spirituality to finance, business, psychology and neuroscience. I curated the best tools, resources, processes, and proven strategies so you can finally break through and break free from an imprisoning way of living that plagues so many. You’re not a robot, you’re not dispensable, you’re not just a number.


You are a unique and powerful co-creator of your Life. You hold inside of you the ability to create whatever your imagination can draw up, and that my friend, is unlimited! 


If you’re looking to achieve freedom of time and money, to never have to work a job you don’t like again, to be fulfilled in your life, to make a difference and have purpose, and create massive wealth, Monetize Your Passion is for you! You’ll find the solutions to all these problems inside this proven, step-by-step course. 


“I am a mindset coach, a wealth expert, spiritual teacher and author and the founder of an international life changing brand" - Maria Alcantara, Glow Self Mastery.


We have served thousands of beautiful souls just like you and I hold unwavering certainty that this will help you transform your life as well. 


The best news I can give you is that you don’t need anything else to succeed, you already have all you need inside you! You don’t need another degree, another job, another partner to be complete. My mission is to help you realize that and I am committed to your success! 

So, let’s get started! 


Your most important questions ANSWERED

Ready to do this together?

I am giving you all the best tools and practical knowledge curated for your success!  I will walk you through the path to your dream life in a step-by-step, easy to understand process, giving you the undivided attention you need to succeed. This program fits freedom seekers who are ready for a new phase in their life!

Your commitment to creating the life you dream of and deserve is the #1 thing you need. 

I have encountered thousands of people who felt stuck in their situation, barely making ends meet and carrying massive student debt that got them nowhere! I decided to reveal my system and make it accessible to everyone who is serious about changing their life.

I've been where you are

If you choose to go down this road, in what feels like the blink of an eye, you’ll look back at this moment and be grateful for the catalyst that it was in changing your life, and you will thank yourself for choosing you instead of waiting for someone to come rescue you, you don’t need rescuing! 

Whether you choose to go through with this course or not, my mission is complete if I can help you choose yourself NOW.


Nothing will change for you until you do, until you decide what you want and until you decide to go for it, unapologetically, elegantly and boldly. The time to create the life you dream of, desire and deserve is now!

So let’s get started! 

The New Conscious Business


With every purchase we make a donation to rainforest, wildlife and marine conservation foundations in

Costa Rica

Get ready to open the floodgates to wealth, freedom and success!  


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