5 Steps absolutely EVERYONE can take to get rich (updated for 2021)

Updated: May 19

If you're anything like I was do, you'd love to get rich but have no clue how to do it. For most folks, getting rich is a dream, so they "invest" in lotto tickets. Let me show you what exact and easy steps you need to take to get rich. Yes, it's possible!

I've seen so many get rich-quick schemes, but they were just that, slimy schemes. It's no wonder people don't believe it can happen for them.

While there are some people may seem to make fortunes overnight, it rarely ever happens like that, we conveniently leave out all the years of R&D that went into the process, and just say "lucky b*itch"...

Well, you don't need to do that anymore, because there is indeed a reliable process that's been used time and time again by millions of people to create wealth.

Yes, let's be real, it will require time. But what would you rather, invest your time and make your way to being rich or just complain along the way and guarantee you'll never make it there?

You and I both know the answer... So, let's start taking the steps today that will make you more moolah.

How to get rich in 5 steps:

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Step 1: Invest, no matter how much you start with

Wanna know a big secret to money? It grows like trees! No kidding, money is always moving, it's either increasing or decreasing in value. Knowing this is how you become rich.

The cash in your wallet is losing power this very moment thanks to inflation. But you can flip the switch and make that same cash multiply and grow, that is done through investing.

Before you get nervous and close this because investing seems scary, let me tell you the truth. It's not like you've been led to believe.

Especially for women, we've been taught that money, finances and investing is a man's world, well that's changing and today you can get high-quality professional management at affordable rates.

While you may want to DIY your investing, and buying and holding index funds is not a bad option, you can do even better and increase your returns by hiring an online advisor, they'll make you feel confident and secure in your investing journey, many like Ellevest even specialize in women, they know us, they are us, and they are here to help us.

The sooner you start investing, the easier it'll get. Now, don't get stuck in the "I don't have enough money to invest".

The key to successfully growing your money is time. Start now, even if it's small amounts, build the habit and as your income grows, increase your contributions, money doesn't play catch up, you will regret it, darling.

This is totally for real, check the chart below and see how you can retire a millionaire.

let's say you're 25 and you invest $500 every month until you retire at 65, you'll have a cool $1,757,640 retirement account. Pretty legit, right?

And no, you don't need to know what the next bitcoin will be or invest in anything sketchy, keep your fees low and your investments diversified and you're good to go.

Step 2: Handle your taxes like a rich person

If you don't plant your money seeds right, you'll end having to give away most of your crop. Those who are wealthy know that and now so do you!

Taxes can make or break or millionaire status in retirement. If there's one thing we can from those who properly manage their wealth it is to keep most of what you make. And I don't mean to be greedy.

In fact, sharing your wealth is one of the most fulfilling things for human beings. According to research, we get a serious high when we share!

So by all means, contribute to causes that are important to you and *get your donation receipt* so you're being tax-savvy there too!

Just take a look at the table below to see what I mean about not maxing out your tax-free savings.

If you're employed, you absolutely need to take advantage of your employer's contribution match, that is FREE MONEY!

Yes, it can double your savings, so make sure to prioritize setting that up and contributing to that account first.

Step 3: Become a smart spender

I believe in balance in life. As much as it's important to save and secure your financial future, especially for the days you'll no longer be able to work to generate an income. We are also living here and now and who knows how long we will be here for.

Money is to be enjoyed as much as it is to be grown and multiplied. On top of that, being overly frugal will often lead to frugal fatigue and make you throw your entire plan out the way when a flashy new item is dangled in front of you.

Being balance with your money is all about enjoying it now in things that are important to you while also planting your seeds for your future crop.

So, it's time to examine how you spend. Smart spending is all about being aware of your behaviour, not giving you to clever marketing and making the best purchasing decisions that are in line with who you are.

If you don't need a car, don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on it!

If you don't watch TV, sell it, make some cash and save some more by cutting your cable/satellite bill.

If you love travelling, make yourself a travel fund and enjoy every minute you spend abroad. Find the best deals for flights, accommodations and activities and enjoy the memories you are creating.

See what I mean? Spend on what means something to you, and for every purchase, do a little extra research and make sure you are getting the best your money can buy. It's as simple as that.

I don't believe in budgeting, but I believe in freeing my mind from things that would otherwise cause me stress.

Therefore, I like to leverage technology and make sure my money is on autopilot, this way, I never accidentally overspend.

On paycheck day, set automatic transfers to your different accounts and stick to only spending what makes sense based on your current income.

Here's a typical breakdown:

Step 4: Negotiate like a money