How I went from stuck in a rut to creating my dream life, and how you can too.

Updated: May 19

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A few years ago I was feeling totally stuck in life.

At the time, my priority was my career. I was newly married with no kids, so I really wanted to focus on my professional growth.

I had been working for a big bank for a few years, but I had reached a plateau. I had gone as far as I could in that company and really didn’t see myself fulfilling the positions that were available to me.

So I thought to myself, “meh, something will show up”. You know what actually showed up? Absolutely nothing! Day after day, no new opportunities were coming my way, which quickly became frustration and eventually despair. Have you ever felt this before?

The frustration grew every morning. I felt totally stuck! I didn’t know what to do, or how to change my situation. I had never felt this lost before. 

But no one can suffer forever, there’s always a breaking point! That’s when everything changed, and I learned a super-valuable, supernatural, spiritual tool. I finally learned that it doesn't have to be that way, because we all have the power of choice, and I chose to pick my destination and started a quest to build my dream life through spirituality and self mastery. 

Have you ever felt like that? So stuck? I certainly did. I watched all my friends reach their milestones, while I felt like I was getting old and spinning my wheels.

Don’t get me wrong, every time I received an invitation to an engagement, wedding, baby shower or promotion, I was stoked for my friends! I just wanted to dip into that honeypot myself!

I mean, who doesn’t want to achieve happiness and success in their life? I just couldn’t help but ask why it wasn’t working out for me? I stated to ask myself, was I just not good enough?

The problem I had was that I didn’t even know where to start to become successful. Sure, I had dreams, but because I felt so stuck, I didn't know how to move from stuck in a rut to self mastery and success in life.

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I solved that problem by learning how to pick a new destination for my life. It all began with that one simple but super powerful decision. 

Theres a quote by Earl Nightingale that I really like -

“The Greatest Journey is the journey of the mind since this is what determines the journey of life”

This means that when you have no direction, no destination in your mind, you can’t possibly expect your journey in life to lead you to your dreams. It all begins in your mind. 

So, pick your destination, what do you want to do?

Most people have never even asked themselves that question. Most people accept a plan they had in the early days of their adult life, maybe it was even enforced on them and they just kept going for decades, “doing their time”, but if you’re unhappy and unfulfilled, what’s the frigging point?!

Look, I know we all have responsibilities like mortgages, bills, partners, family, commitments and there can be lots of people counting on us, so I don’t suggest that anyone just drop everything and go build sandcastles necessarily. I am telling you, though, is that when you’re truly passionate about something, you find a way to make it work. Whether it’s a relationship that starts off long-distance, a passion you didn’t know you could make a living off of and do it full time, or even a body condition you didn’t think you could change.

There was this guy in my yoga studio and every single class he’d spend a good 10 minutes before and after class going on and on to anyone who’d listen to him, and if there was no one he’d wallow to Lily, the resident pitbull and studio mascot, about how he couldn’t do most of the poses because he was too short.

The teacher saw a great opportunity to practice compassion with him, and kept telling him that our bodies aren’t as fixed as we think. I’ll never forget the day when he literally stormed into the studio saying he just had a checkup with his doctor and was told that he had grown half an inch!

Our teacher explained that this was actually really common, this is not to say that Yoga will make your bones grow, but between the posture corrections, the breath and stretching, we often create more space in our bodies and this manifests up to a few inches in height! Pretty cool, eh? 

So, join me on this journey of success and self mastery. I’m so excited to see where you’ll be landing next!

Are you ready to change your life and get out of a rut? Just imagine how good it will feel

If you want to change your life and achieve the things you really want, I have a fun exercise for you! Make sure to grab a copy of the Glow self mastery worksheet at the end of this post and spend some quality time with yourself on this. It's super fun, and goes as far as your imagination can. So enjoy the process, you’ll look back at this one day and be amazed at your own transformation, I promise!

What’s the #1 thing you’d like to achieve? A goal that lights you up? Your biggest burning desire?

Do you want a new job? A romantic relationship? A pet? A car? You Name it! If you want to get anywhere close to your desire, you need to start by giving yourself a destination, decide that you want it.

Aaaaaand, I’m stopping you right there! I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I’ve gotten to know people, and I love people, but this is where your marvellous brain goes into self-preservation mode and starts listing all the big, horrible, scary obstacles along the way and before you know it, you’ve given up on your journey before it even started!

Our analytical thinking minds work so well and so fast that we go through “probability” based scenarios in what feels like the speed of light, and more times than not come to a negative conclusion without realizing it.

Let me tell you, as great as your analytical thinking mind is, it doesn’t really know how to play the manifestation game. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the “probability” your brain uses to measure the likelihood of your success is literally under 0.01% of the picture, so don't listen to these background noises or take it personally.


Because your analytical thinking mind isn’t all that you are! Yes, there’s soooo much more to you!

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get concerned about how or when you’ll reach your destination or how you define success. (Don't worry, I promise you’ll learn so much more about this as we go further, a little hint, it’s none of your biz, just do your part with me and let the universe do what it does best, deliver! If you need a little more “proof” to keep going with this, the universe delivered a planet for you to be born on and live this fantastic life, for God’s sake!)

Right now, your only laser-focus should be on picking your destination, where do you really want to go in life? What is your definition of happiness and success?. Make it crystal-clear and hold that thought in your mind. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Ok, Maria… I’m picking a new destination! I’m really fed up of being stuck in a rut! But… how do I actually do this?”

I hear you! Feeling stuck in a rut sucks! And when you feel stuck, reaching your destination can seem almost impossible. But it isn’t! I know that everyone holds the seed to greatness, and I have seen so many people (including myself) in the same feeling and totally change it around! It’s up to you to plant it and nurture it, and I am here to help and take you on this journey together! I want you to succeed, so I’m making this super easy to start. We created the Dream Life Program to teach you step-by-step how to go about creating the life of your dreams, and this will give you a head start!

This program opens up once a year, we are opening up for registrations right now! And we are giving it to you for free! Yes, you read that right! So, you have no excuses to continue in your rut and forgo your dream life. 

So, voila! Picking your destination is the very first step to get yourself out of your stuck rut and on the road to your dream life destination!

In our next post, I will teach you what we need to do next to get yourself boarded on that place bound to your Dream Life destination.

Start by bringing this out of your head and into the world! WRITE. IT. DOWN. I want you to leave a comment below and tell us what your next destination is! What is that goal you wish to achieve? don't worry about how, I will tech this to you in our next post.

I can’t wait to read it and then celebrate with you when you call to tell us that you landed! At Glow Self Mastery, our hearts glow with the most delicious feeling every time we get that phone call from one of our members, I can’t wait for you to have that experience!

But seriously, it’s really important to write your goal down. Write this in a crystal clear statement because this is the first time you will start materialize it and allows you to manifest it into the physical world!

Your dream life has graduated from thought to physical, that’s a major step! Look at it as a seedling, now we can continue nurturing it together, you’ll be picking fruit in no time.

You are unique and awesome, and you deserve all the joy, peace, abundance that Life has to offer. Learn to ask, receive and give. The universe is ready to shower you with gifts, it’s time to start working with this mighty life force energy that literally creates worlds and is also flowing through you this very moment.  

Stay precious,