Self Awareness - 3 secrets to overcome fear based thinking and achieve joy, peace and abundance

Updated: May 19

The one thing stopping most people from achieving their goals, wishes, desires and ultimately their dream life is themselves.

But most people can’t see this because they haven’t yet developed the necessary skills of self awareness.

I can't begin to tell you how many people are burning inside, wishing to create their dream life but don’t know where to start. The first step is to look at yourself.

So, you ask. How do I develop self-awareness?

I'm going to teach you 3 easy steps to tap into the special power of self awareness and overcome your fear based thoughts right now!

Self awareness is key in turning your dreams into reality because it allows you to see the patterns of thinking which are blocking you from self-improvement and manifesting what you really want.

The law of attraction is reacting to our emotions, thoughts and vibrations. By being more self aware of our state, we naturally maximize the manifestation potential in our life.

Many of us play the blame game, blaming everything from the economy, politics and the weather for their shortcomings instead of looking at ourselves.

Once you start to develop your own sense of self awareness, you will start to take responsibility over situations in your life by looking inward instead of shifting the blame outside of you.

Self awareness allows you to take on this responsibility and improve those key areas in your life so you can finally release them and move on!

1. Recognize your fear based thinking

First, take a second to stop and observe your thoughts, what is the voice in your head telling you right now?

Fear based thinking is like a fog that clouds your thought and stops you from achieving your true potential.

Everyone has fear based thoughts and if you don't have the right self awareness to recognize it, you start thinking about life in survival mode instead of thriving mode.

Fear comes in many forms and can even appear as being wise and responsible friend at times, but it's always going to hold you back.

This becomes ingrained in our thinking patterns and soon becomes the norm, so it takes a lot of courage to see through this fear and choose to go beyond it.

Everyone has fear based thoughts but few people recognize to acknowledge them.

The first step of self awareness to realize when a fear based thought arises so that you can make the choice to think from a perspective of abundance and empowerment instead.

Remember, for every fear based thought , there is an empowering thought which you can tap into at any time through your self awareness.

2. Use self awareness to empower yourself and overcome fear based thinking

The second step is to identify a fear based thought. Hear the thought in your head and do not identify it as part of you, then choose to change that thought for a positive, empowering one.

When a thought comes to mind stop, breathe and use your self awareness. Think to yourself, does this thought empower me ? If so great, if not, let it go and choose to look at things from a different perspective.

This is where you need to make a choice, remain the same and be unsatisfied, or be brave and learn to recognize your thought patterns?

The truth is, no one can do this for you but you. And you don’t have to do it, but be aware of what this is costing you, your freedom, your peace of mind and your creativity.

Now, there’s a lot of power here, you can use this power to beat yourself up, or you can empower yourself and outgrow the fear.

3. Commit to a 5 minute daily self awareness practice

The third step is to build a new habit of through repetition.

Everyone has fear based thoughts. I definitely had some huge aha moments when I finally got to the root of my fear based thinking and accepted that I need to make a change.

Self awareness allowed me to think from an empowered state of mind where I was able to attract abundance and thrive in my life.

For the longest time, I never paid attention to my own self awareness. It was only when I got real with myself and couldn't take it anymore.

So I made a commitment to myself to do a 5 min self awareness practice. This honed myself awareness skills quicker and easier than I imagined, and it gets easier to do over time.

Even though I can’t do it for you, I want to do it with you.

I’ve been there myself and still commit to daily work on overcoming my fears and limiting beliefs. One thing I can say is that this has brought me from survive to thrive, from lack to abundance and from fear to joy, and it's an essential part of your self mastery journey.

You’ll be blown away by what you can find by taking inventory of yourself and finally experience some relief from things you’ve been carrying in the deepest levels of your mind and soul without even knowing.

So I’d love to hear from you, what have you discovered about yourself? Have you learned to recognize the voice of fear? Leave us a comment below and let us know how self awareness has changed your life.

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