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Top 3 Ways to Save for the Summer

Updated: May 19, 2021

The days are getting longer, the flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are chirping! Summer is officially on the horizon! Whether you may be restricted by lockdowns or not, we all deserve to embrace the sunny days and summer nights. To make the most of this season, here are the top 3 ways to maximize your cash this summer.

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Plan your cash ahead

Whether you plan on a globe-trotting tip or a staycation, we all deserve some time off, and planning ahead financially is the best thing you can do. Start saving now, a little bit every week will add up by the time summer is in full bloom, and maybe by then we can all send and accept long-awaited brunch invites! No matter what you choose to do, having a little fun cash is always well, fun! So start building your fun cash stash now, there’s nothing to lose and only enjoyment to be gained!

Level Up Your Money Knowledge

While the days are still cool, pick up a personal finance book and level up your money knowledge. The small investment in the price of a book pays big time with the life-changing knowledge you get. Our own Millennial Money Queens is a great place to start, subscribe to get the first chapter for free!

Spring Clean

It’s the perfect time to clean out your closets and find some hidden treasures! The savviest money queens do this every year and end up funding some unexpected treats from spa days to tropical destination getaways by letting go of things that don’t serve them anymore. It’s time to practice Marie-Kondo’s organization skills and combine donating with selling some personal items that you will no longer be needing. Happy cleaning!

Bonus Money Queen Tip

So many people suffered financially during the past year. For the longest time, many of us have relied on jobs to stay afloat and that income source may have disappeared for a lot of people. This is a good time to start considering a life of financial independence free from needing a job to meet your income needs. What unique knowledge and skills do you have? What problem have you solved in your life that other people are still looking for the solution? What are you passionate about? The best businesses often come from our life experience, get the wheels turning and spend some time brainstorming/daydreaming about how you can create independent income and financial freedom.

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