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Do you feel stuck in a job you don't like?

Are you feeling stuck in financial lack?

Tired of living the same day over and over again without any adventure?

Do you want to travel the world?

Send your kids to the best school?

Be financially strong and independent?

Own your days again and embrace life?

If you're looking for a sign On whether you should follow your dreams,

this is it!


and finally start living the life you've always dreamed of. No 9 to 5, be your own boss and enjoy unlimited financial abundance

Not long ago, I was in the depths of despair.

I had worked my butt off to build a career in finance thinking it was my golden ticket to financial abundance. Except it backfired on me, I was miserable and I was't making the level of income I desired.

When I started a family and went on maternity leave, it helped me realize what it was really like to own my day and how much time I gave away to my employer. Most people thought I was crazy, after all I had a new born, so they didn't see how I was "owning my day"

But to me, not having to wake up and rush out the door to a job I felt underpaid and unfulfilled about was the most freeing experience. 

I immersed myself in education during the year I was home with my baby girl and boot camped myself into mastering my mindset, something I had been fascinated about and studying my whole life. I called it the Enlightenment BootCamp, I combined several mindset practices with business knowledge and then decided to build a business based on my passion for mindset and wealth creation.

We are really quick to judge life and some higher power for our so called hardships, but as we wisen up, it becomes clear to me that life lovingly puts us in a situation where we can put all the knowledge we've been gathering into practice.

In what felt like a blink of an eye, my maternity leave was over and it was time for me to go back to work. On my first day back, I realized how hard it was to be away from my baby girl. I didn't want her being raised in a daycare, so my husband stayed home with her so I could continue building my career.

We both quickly realized that this was not the life we wanted to live. Our daughter was growing up and it felt like time was going by even faster. At the same time we experienced some really challenging times with mental health which was triggered by extreme stress related to our jobs, money and worrying what our future will look like, in 2017 we hit rock bottom. 

What made me even more frustrated was feeling that I had the answer to all my problems. I revisited all my spirituality, mindset, self-development and business teachings including some of my own work and felt so inspired, so then, why was I stuck in this cycle of struggle?!

Sometimes, when you surrender, you open up. We are so trained in an egoic way to keep going, to hustle, and to work hard,

whether it feel rights or not.

The moment I gave up this resistance, everything changed.

NOW is the time for YOU to start living a life of WEALTH and FREEDOM

In the summer of 2018, in an act of divine inspiration, I decided I had to start giving my knowledge to everyone who needed it.

As I gave up my old habits of struggle, victimizing myself, feeling lack and limitation and shifted my focus to giving, everything changed for me and my family. I was always extremely passionate about mindset and was known as the go to person for positive inspiration in all my circles, except no one around me, including myself knew how to properly apply this knowledge. 

So I decided I would double down on my mindset and see how far I could take it. I built a system for myself combining all the knowledge I had on mindset, wealth creation and business.


When I applied this system to my life and followed an easy to use step-by-step process, it was the first time EVER that I saw actual, life changing results, consistently.

So, how did I do it? How did it all change? How did I go from feeling miserable, broke, hopeless, dreading every day and burning out to living the life of my dreams, creating more wealth than I could ever imagine and run a business based on my passion that keeps me energized and feeds my soul? 

I mastered the power within.

Honestly, this was the EASIEST thing I’ve ever done. I used to get so confused whenever I would read anything relating to online businesses, wealth creation, and mindset. It all made sense in theory, but if I knew all this, why was my life still the same?


So I KISSed it. I Kept It Super Simple. I created a program for myself where I could easily make the changes I needed to create my dream life. And man oh man did it work!

And then, the scientist in me said there must be a way to replicate this, if it worked for me, it can work for someone else. Imagine what the world would be like if people followed their passions and dreams, loved their work and tapped into their creative power to create unlimited joy, freedom, wealth and fulfillment! We could legit eradicate many of humanity’s biggest problems! Mind-blown!


So I started distributing this to everyone I encountered and the results were literally out of this world! 


“You’re on to something, Maria!”

Was the consistent feedback! 


It felt like I was living a double life. My decade long career in banking and investment management was not where I wanted to be, I knew I could be more successful following my dreams and using my program to get me to my dream life even after acquiring all the traditional academic knowledge and experience of managing massive wealth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I was so inspired and convinced about my own personal experience and the experiences of people who followed my program and went from living miserably to extraordinarily! Meanwhile the folks I knew who held traditional jobs were losing their minds living in fear! 

“Maria, you need to go big with this. You have created something really special and you hold the power to empower people to change their lives!” I was told time and time again. 

So, here we are. I decided to create a massive impact this decade, and I will contribute to making the 2020’s Humanity’s best decade ever!

I want to empower as many of you as I possibly can, to create a life of love, independence, and stable, reliable income based on sharing your  passion, the amazing experience, knowledge, skills, and talents you have, and  to embrace freedom, wealth and a clear mindset as the new norm. Abundance for all. 


I have created an all inclusive program to take you from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye, and promise it will feel like this when you realize you’re living the life you created from your dreams and shining your light bright in this world. I chose to move from working exclusively 1:1 at high rates with my clients to dramatically dropping my rate so that everyone can participate in this and free themselves.


Humanity has been conditioned over thousands of years to believe that they are helpless, at the mercy of an employer and get paid just enough to survive or hope for a miracle and buy a lotto ticket.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not! Here’s exactly how I combined  the mindset and wealth creation strategies to build a highly profitable passion-driven business and how you can do it too, and no, it doesn’t involve waving a chicken around your head 5 times, selling your soul or some other weird ritual. But it does involve following the course material and applying what you learn. Anyone who is serious about breaking through to greatness and making this change in their life can do it IF they really want to, and it all starts with you taking the first action


All the wealth, freedom and joy you ever wanted is available to you and now is the time to create it, your bridge to this future is  Master The Power Within  

YES! I'm ready to Master the Power Within


& why you need it

You’ve been a prisoner to lack, limitation and struggle, so was I.

My friend, that ends NOW.

“Master the power within is a 30-day program taught exclusively by Maria Alcantara, a wealth and mindset expert with over a decade of experience helping thousands of people achieve their wildest dreams and create a life of unstoppable freedom, joy, peace and abundance.


Master the power within is purposely designed to fast track your mindset and wealth creation skills in a refreshing and practical, easy to follow process that revolutionizes your relationship to work, money and freedom. 


I am giving you the essential tools, resources and knowledge in a step by step, easy to follow program. And believe me, i’ve been there too, I know what it’s like to get overwhelmed with new information, to feel like you’re not good enough or don’t have what it takes to make a ton of money.

But don't let this stop you, I will lead you step by step and we will overcome this throughout the program!

I’m that friend putting my hand on your shoulder, lifting your chin up and telling you ”I know where you’re coming from but I also know you got this! I know you do! And I’m going to help you every step of the way!”, I personally used this program to change my life and the lives of thousands of others, and the key is to start with small, easily achievable steps and build on the momentum of YOUR success.


This program does exactly that, and it's the only set of resources that you’ll ever need to create unstoppable freedom, wealth and success in your life. You’ll never have to struggle and over work yourself again. 

This program includes self study and live coaching Sessions. Each module includes video classes, live group discussions, and practical components which will fast track your success in an interactive learning environment.

Ask me all your questions in our live weekly group sessions and get confidence and clarity  throughout your individual journey.  Learn with others in a warm family vibe. 

You’ll also gain insights from other students on a similar journey. Receive exclusive access to the Glow Self Mastery private facebook group and make new friends with like minded individuals.

As a course member, you are part the glow family, where everyone is included with open arms.

You’ll get lifetime access to all my courses and groups along with all the bonus items listed below


- and your graduation gift! 

Program Outline

In module 1, you will discover the freedom of creation based on your passion, how easy, fun and fulfilling it is.


-How to create based on your passion

-Why is purpose important and how to find yours

-Whats your calling and why does it matter 

-What value can bring to the world and monetize

-How your passion drives you to success

-What knowledge, skill, talent you already have 

-How to turn your passion into reliable, consistent, independent income


In module 2, you will break through all that’s been holding you back from creating true wealth in your life.


- What is the true nature of wealth 

- How to master the creation of wealth in your life 

- Why you aren’t experiencing wealth right now 

- How to overcome money blocks 

- Daily practices to build wealth now 

- Eliminate struggle, lack and limitation from your       life forever

-How to start, scale and build your wealth today


In module 3,You will learn how to be financially independent and create your money making machine

- The new nature of work

- What is a personal brand business 

- Why a personal brand business is right for you

- How to kickstart your passion based business with $0 upfront  

- How to start and scale your personal brand business to 6 figures or more in the first year 

- Mastering online marketing for success

- Your 'why' and your mission statement

- Riches are in the niches 

- How to start making money online quickly with online courses

- Putting it all together 


In module 4, Be ready to meet your new and improved future self, free your limiting beliefs and be the master of your power.

- Why mindset is the most crucial element to your success and how to master it 

- How to develop your mindset for wealth and success 

- The power of your mind 

- Your subconscious mind needs attention 

- Identify and Heal the inner blocks that are holding you back from achieving high levels of success

- How to overcome the drama and self limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in lack and limitation

- How to live an empowered and happy life every single day


Positive Vibes are the blueprint of happiness

in our world, 

Here’s how to master this mighty power and apply it to your life in this bonus masterclass


(Valued  at $399) 


Inner Work Outer Work

Exclusive process

(Valued  at $399) 

Never get stuck in Lack, Limitation, Anxiety or Despair again!  


After a decade long career in finance and after starting 3 businesses I know all about struggle, exhausting work, and all nighters. I got really fed up of labouring and knew there had to be a better way.


By using the Inner Work tools in this course, you will master your state of mind quickly and channel that mindset into your work, relationships and situations in daily life. This allowed me to 10X my efficiency and results. I was able to achieve better outcomes and gained more success in the things that mattered most to me. 

By using the Outer Work tools in this course, you will master the clarity and confidence needed to take massive action in achieving your goals. Learn how to work smarter and start seeing results quicker while working less. 


The Outer Work process allows you to uncover the next steps of action you need to take and effortlessly execute them step-by-step.

I still use this 2-step process every day, and it's the baseline of my success. Once you learn this, your life will change and you’ll never have to deal with the heavy vibes of doubt, uncertainty and fear, or how to actually move forward on accomplishing your goals with confidence.


Bonus Masterclass

(Valued  at $299) 

Meditation is a superpower. You can use meditation to master and achieve the next level in your human existence. From overcoming anxiety to developing intuition, meditation is a unbelievable tool you can use in your journey to creating joy, peace and wealth.

In this masterclass, I'll teach you exactly how to get started with meditation in as little as 2 minutes a day. Mastering this superpower can change your life and access new levels of Mind, Body and Spirit power


(Valued  at $299) 

Wealth Mindset masterclass is a crucial part of wealth creation. If you want to master the money game and fast track your success to building massive amounts of wealth, you need to think and act differently when it comes to money and how to acquire it.

This masterclass will give you a proven step-by-step framework on how to start, build and scale your wealth.


Learn the most effective steps needed to build the amount of wealth you want to achieve in your life. 

From overcoming debt to developing passive income, wealth mindset is the solution you need in your journey to creating joy, peace and abundance.

In this masterclass, I'll teach exactly how to get started and access new levels of financial freedom in your life.

Bonus Masterclass

No one in this world, not your parents, your employer, the economy, the government, your spouse or the universe is holding you back from anything except yourself.


With the Master the Power Within program, you’ll finally become aware of what most people are totally unaware of - that life doesn’t “happen” to you, YOU are what happens to Life.


Even more than financial abundance, you’ll finally be able to live in the sustained joy, love, adventure and fulfillment that you came here to experience.


Your hidden superpowers masterclass

Freedom of Abundance

(Valued  at $399) 

Living in lack and fear stops you from achieving what you actually want. In this masterclass you will learn how to free yourself from this false reality and start living a life of unstoppable freedom and abundance. Overcome and outgrow any limiting beliefs and start living a life of empowerment.


Living in Abundance is a major catalyst in your journey to wealth creation, happiness and following your dreams. Let go of the internal blocks holding you back and finally tap into your extraordinary power within


Your hidden superpowers masterclass

Freedom of Forgiveness

(Valued  at $399) 

Judgement only injures yourself, learn to forgive others and yourself in this masterclass and outgrow the toxic habit of judging.


Forgiveness is a major catalyst in your journey to success, happiness and following your dreams. Let go of the internal blocks holding you back and finally tap into your extraordinary power within


Your hidden superpowers masterclass

Master The Flow State

(Valued  at $399) 

Everyone has witnessed being in flow state. It's a short burst of inspiration, creativity, or feeling of accomplishing something with effortless ease . In this masterclass I teach you how to find your flow state, how to get into flow state quicker and how to prolong your flow state from minutes to days so that you can accomplish more and be in a peak performance mindset

Your flow state is a major catalyst in your journey to create massive action with ease in your life. Let go of the internal blocks holding you back and finally tap into your extraordinary power within

Chance to win a free Master the Power Within retreat in Costa Rica with me

Explore the exotic beauty of Costa Rica, indulge in some loving self care at the Luxurious spa Ahui. Reach the next level with Self Mastery, Wealth, Business and Mindset TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOPS.


 Connect with all the elements in our day excursions! Visit the volcano and let the purifying fire of desire burn inside you, feel the ocean breeze sweep away your worries, bathe in the cleansing waters of the Pacific Ocean, and plant your seeds of greatness in the renewed earth of your being.  


master the power within Brazilian     bracelet

I can’t help but bring my beautiful Brazilian culture heritage :) 

These bracelets have been part of our history for hundreds of years. Originally, they were believed to hold healing powers and heal those who wore them. Their powers have evolved to help you reach your dreams.


Is it just folk tale or is there some science to this? Yes, there is! You are the co-creator of your life. This bracelet helps you affirm your vision and desires and by tying the knots, you tie your commitment to yourself and living your best highest level life.

What new Masters have to say about Master the Power Within


Get to know me and how I can help you

Hi! I'm Maria!

I’m so happy to connect with you! I am beyond excited for you to start this self mastery journey. I see your glow, and I see past all the limiting beliefs you may still hold about yourself. More than anything, I want you to discover your own power and create the life you’ve always dreamed of, that’s why I created this life changing course! I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge and empowering amazing people just like you to free yourself and create a life and business you love! 


This is more than just a course, it’s a personal transformation to the highest levels of spiritual, physical, financial and emotional wellbeing, it’s a lifestyle that inevitably leads to unlimited success, joy, peace, freedom and abundance. I’ve combined all my biggest insights, all the amazing keys I’ve learned from studying humanity’s most influential teachers from ancient to modern times, from spirituality to finance, business, psychology and neuroscience. I curated the best tools, resources, processes, and proven strategies so you can finally break through and break free from an imprisoning way of living that plagues so many. You’re not a robot, you’re not dispensable, you’re not just a number.


You are unique and a powerful co-creator of Life. You hold inside of you the ability to create whatever your imagination can draw up, and that my friend, is unlimited! 


If you’re looking to achieve freedom of time and money, to never have to work a job you don’t like again, to be fulfilled in your life, to make a difference and have purpose, and create massive wealth, Master the Power Within is for you, you’ll find the solution to all these problems inside this proven, step-by-step course. 


“I am a mindset coach, a wealth expert, spiritual teacher and author and the founder of an international life changing brand - Glow Self Mastery.”


We have served thousands of beautiful souls just like you and I hold unwavering certainty that this can help you transform your life as well. 


The best news I can give you is that you don’t need anything else to succeed, you already have all you need inside you! You don’t need another degree, another job, another partner to be complete. My mission is to help you realize that and I am committed to your success! 

So let’s get started! 


Your most important questions ANSWERED

I know you want and deserve more from life. So, STOP stopping yourself!

Get your all the strategies you need to create unlimited Freedom, Success and Wealth 

In Just 30 Days 

Your  DREAM LIFE starts here. Create unstoppable wealth, joy and freedom you desire. Yes! this really is all you really need!

Ready to rock your   Dream Life?

Master The Power Within  is the perfect fit for you if you are

Master The Power Within  is NOT for you if you are

- Unwilling to work on yourself

- Looking for a get rich quick scheme


- Not driven to reach success


- Want to stay at a job and be told what to do

- Believe you already know everything

- Comfortable where you are in life

- Only want to complain instead of creating solutions

- Close-minded

- Not willing to take responsibility for your life

- Passionate about something


- Want financial freedom and wealth


- Want to start or own an online business

- Ready to work on yourself

- Want to reach a new level of success in your life

- Do well with self-study

- Love a mentor who will push you to your greatest level of success


- Don't know where to start

- Fed up with an unfulfilling and underpaying job

I've been where you are

If you choose to go down this road, in what feels like the blink of an eye, you’ll look back at this moment and be grateful for the catalyst that it was in changing your life, and you will thank yourself for choosing you instead of waiting for someone to come rescue you, you don’t need rescuing! 

Whether you choose to go through with this course or not, my mission is complete if I can help you choose yourself NOW.


Nothing will change for you until you do, until you decide what you want and until you decide to go for it, unapologetically, elegantly and boldly. The time to create the life you dream of, desire and deserve is now!

So let’s get started! 

Master the Power Within

is more than course, it's a transformation valued at over $20,000 

4  Recorded modules

4 Group Coaching Calls

4 Workbooks

Glow Family Facebook group

Bonus High Vibe Creator Mastery

Bonus Inner Work Outer Work

Bonus Wealth Mindset 101

Bonus Master Abundance

Chance to win Costa Rica Retreat 










Total value $24,195

I want everyone to be able to create the Wealth and Freedom they deserve

So, Master the Power Within is currently being offered at only $997!

The New Conscious Business


With every purchase we make a donation to rainforest, wildlife and marine conservation foundations in

Costa Rica

Get ready to open the floodgates to wealth, freedom and success!  


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